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That asshole i m feeling lucky

We are living in a world full of assholes. To be sure: There are no census figures to back this up, no national registry from which to draw statistics, but one need only look at the headlines to see that the asshole population has not only grown in recent years but also spawned some new and rather alarming mutants. I mean, Martin Shkreli? Travis Kalanick? We are sitting, on a Monday afternoon in mid-September, in what may arguably be the red-hot center of an Asshole Heat Map, if one existed: the pink, veined lobby at the base of the colossal penis that is Trump Tower.
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Eminem - Asshole Lyrics

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Warning I'M An Asshole If You Don't Want Your Feeling Hurt Walk Away Shirt and motorcycle shirts

Cause you're attractive, but we ain't attractable Hate to be dramatical, but I'm not romantical I'm making up words you can understandable, It's tragical Thinkin some magical shit's gonna happen? That ain't practical You crackin a joke, it's laughable, cause me and love's like a bad combination I keep them feelings locked in a vault So it's safe to say I'm uncrackable My heart is truly guarded, full body armor Bitch you just need a helmet because if you think you're special, you're retarded. Thinkin you're one of a kind, like you got some platinum vagina, you're a train wreck, I got a one track mind Shorty you're fine but you sort of remind me of a 49er Cause you been a gold digger since you were a minor Been tryina, hunt me down like a dog, cause you're on my ass But you can't get a scent because all of my spare time is spent With my nose in this binder, so don't bother tryin Only women that I love are my daughters And sometimes I rhyme and it sounds like I forget I'm a father, and I push it further So father forgive me if I forget to draw the line It's apparent I shouldn't of been a parent I'll never grow up So to hell with your parents, and motherfucking father time And it ain't never gonna stop. A pessimist who transforms you to Optimus in his prime, so even if I'm half dead, I'm half alive Throw all my half empty glass in a cup, now my cup is runneth over And I'm about to set it on you like a motherfucking coaster I'm goin back to what got me here, yeah cocky, and can't not been? You shouldn't be as shocked, because everybody knows. Bad Guy 2. Parking Lot Skit 3.
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This column will change your life: don't let an asshole get to you

Copyright Mind Media. Some rights reserved. Generated in 0. I was scared after i saw a video called pain olympics something.
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The fight was fixed, I'm back and you can't stop me, you knocked me down I went down for the count, I fell but the fans caught me and now you're gonna have to beat the fuckin pants off me to take my belt, word to Pacquiao! Momma said there ain't nothin else to talk about Better go in that ring and knock 'em out, or you better not come out It's poetry in motion, like Freddie Roach when he's quotin Shake-speare, so what if insults are revoltin? Even Helen Keller knows life stinks You think it's a joke 'til you're bullet-riddled, but you should give little shit what I think This whole world is a mess, gotta have a goddamn vest on your chest and a Glock just to go watch Batman Who needs to test the testicles?
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