» » A small lump at the anus and freckles

A small lump at the anus and freckles

Im 17 and have found a weird lump by my anus when wiping. Its not like a spot, cyst, boil, ect but more of a small round ball pertruding from the skin. I havent had anything like this before so im slightly scared. It hurts slightly when pressure is applied.
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11 Ways To Know If Bumps & Blemishes Around Your Butt Are Normal Or Not

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Carney Complex - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Skip to Content. Peutz-Jeghers syndrome PJS is an inherited condition that puts people at an increased risk for developing hamartomatous polyps in the digestive tract as well as cancers of the breast, colon and rectum, pancreas, stomach, testicles, ovaries, lung, cervix, and other types listed below. A hamartoma is a growth of normal-appearing tissue that builds up into a benign noncancerous tumor. In PJS, hamartomatous polyps often develop in the small and large intestine, and they can cause bleeding or other problems, such as an intestinal blockage. Some signs of PJS can appear in childhood with the development of pigmented areas on the skin and in the mouth, called mucocutaneous hyperpigmentation. People with PJS tend to develop dark blue or dark brown freckling, especially around the mouth and on the lips, fingers, or toes.
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Medical University of South Carolina Digestive Disease Center

NORD gratefully acknowledges J. Carney complex is a rare genetic disorder characterized by multiple benign tumors multiple neoplasia most often affecting the heart, skin and endocrine system and abnormalities in skin coloring pigment resulting in a spotty appearance to the skin of affected areas. Benign tumors of connective tissue myxomas are common in individuals with Carney complex and, most often, are found in the heart where they can potentially cause serious, life-threatening complications including stroke, valvular obstruction or heart failure. A wide variety of endocrine abnormalities potentially can occur in Carney complex affecting a variety of glands.
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Melanoma mel-eh-NOE-muh is a type of cancer that begins in a melanocyte meh-LAN-uh-site , a cell in the top layer of skin the epidermis. Melanocytes make melanin MEL-eh-nun , the pigment that gives skin its color. Melanoma also can develop in other parts of the body, like the eyes, mouth, genitals, and anal area. Often, melanoma begins as a mole or a bump on the skin.
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